Monday, January 6, 2014

Home tour- A designer's luxury Chicago penthouse!

Check out Los Angeles interior designer Michael S. Smith fabulous Chicago duplex penthouse below!

What a beautiful home! High style, luxurious and refined, I can't help but swoon over this amazing penthouse! The master bathroom with the veined marble surface is my favorite! Is there a room or feature that captures your attention? 


  1. What a house! Can't say i have a favorite room! All is my favorite!!!
    Happy new year Jessie!

  2. I like the gold ceiling in the kitchen. Truth be told the entire place is fablous!

  3. Such a classy and beautiful space, the first image caught my attention!

  4. In love with the blue room the most and that gilded ceiling in the kitchen! Fabulous!

  5. Hey Jess! That is one dreamy looking bathroom. If only my house were big enough to house that room. Love the marble and natural lighting in there. Happy New Year friend!



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