Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cool designer alert- Lynne Scalo!

Introducing Connecticut-based designer, Lynne Scalo. With a sophisticated design aesthetic, her work shows a blend of modern glamour with a classic elegance twist. Let's check out her fabulous designs below!

The designer: Lynne Scalo

Her designs exude a sense of timelessness with a modern twist. I am absolutely inspired by her chic and refreshing interiors. Are you a fan of her work as well?

For more information about the Lynne Scalo and her work, please visit


  1. Can't pick a favorite all gorgeous and BRAVE! A comfy club chair in the bath? Why not?!

  2. Yes yes and yes! I am kind of loving that kid's play room. Been looking for a cool teepee for Marli to play in :) The living room with white furniture and extra big window with natural lighting is one of my favs. She really is talented!

  3. As usual, I just pinned the heck out of this post!! I love so many of these rooms- her style is amazing! My favorite is the sun room that's all white with pops of bright colors and that wall covered in windows...I'd love a room exactly like it!

  4. Lovely design. Nice to meet a new face. Happy New Year you Jessie- hope you have another fantastic year! xo Nancy

  5. I love every room here! Absolutely gorgeous.


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