Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cool design firm alert- CWB Architects!

Introducing New-York-based architecture firm Coburn Welch Boutin Architects (CWB). Founded in 1995, it was a two-person practice focused on historic row house renovations. Since then, it has expanded into a multi-disciplinary firm which creates residential and commercial spaces throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut and Eastern Long Island. 

"Good design is not a superficial application of finishes on complicated forms, but rather the result of thoughtful space planning and an understanding of the program as a whole, appropriate use of materials, image, and experience."

I found this quote in their profile and I couldn't agree more! Now, let's check out this fantastic work below!

I am in awe with their fabulous work! Layered and luxurious, elegant and eclectic, simple yet complex, their designs are truly a work of art. I am a fan, what about you? Thoughts?

To learn more about CWB Architects, please visit

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  1. Oh, I love it all...but those wood/metal chairs send shivers down my spine!


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