Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cool designer alert- Tracy Hardenburg!

Meet Texas-based interior designer, Tracy Hardenburg. With more than 20 years of residential design experience, her impeccable work really shows. Check out her gorgeous portfolio below!

The designer: Tracy Hardenburg

Aren't her designs just beautiful? I can't take my eyes off her inspiring interiors! Whether she is designing a colorful or a neutral space, her work always possess a certain pizzazz and flair. Highly talented, versatile and imaginative, she is definitely a designer you should keep on your radar!

For more information on Tracy's work, please visit http://www.hardenburgdesigns.com.


  1. Wow.....what inspirations I have taken from her designs!

  2. I LOVE her use of color! Especially obsessed with her purple and turquoise combo in the 5th pic...


  3. I agree with you- what a talent! I must say I LOVE the first shot of that bedroom...I want my next bedroom to look like that! Thanks for sharing

  4. Love the mix and juxta-position of the colors and neutrals in her design, truly versatile! Thanks for the intro Jessie!

  5. Wow...this is a gorgeous portfolio. Every room is perfect.


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