Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fabulous finds- Hermes Serving Tray Replica For $20 Or Less!

One of the highest coveted home accessory, the orange Hermès lacquer tray is popular for various reasons. It's bright, bold and chic and most importantly, it makes a design statement like no other! 

Aren't these gorgeous? These iconic Hermès trays look fabulous no matter where you put them or how you styled them! Just take a look at these beautiful inspirations!  

However, Hermès trays are not easily available. Even if you found them on that rare occasion, they tend to be fairly expensive. No wonder they are a lot of Hermès tray replicas out there! Like many design lovers, I fell in love with Hermès trays the moment I saw them on design blogs. It was definitely love at first sight.

Fortunately, I love to browse for furniture and home decor at unexpected places. There is where you usually get your great bargains, my lovelies! You see, because of low traffic, these items usually sit on the shelves for very long. If products sit on the shelves forever, retailers want to get rid of them fast and that's where you enjoy the deep discounts.  

Anyway, I first saw the Hermès tray replicas at JC Penny while browsing the accessories section in the furniture department. It costs $100, which was obviously not in my decorating budget. 

Because I am a huge Jonathan Adler's fan, I always make it a point to stop by JC Penny every few weeks to check for sales. On my second trip to JC Penny, the tray was already marked down to $50. Still a little pricey for this budget-conscious girl! The third time I saw the tray, I wasn't even planning to buy it and this time it was marked down to $20, on clearance. Now, the price was right so I picked it up! There were at least 5 or 6 of them left while I was there. It wasn't surprising since the fabulous trays are tucked behind a low traffic area, somewhere between the curtain department and furniture department among the small array of home accessories.

When I went to check out my tray, I was pleasantly surprised to receive another 20% off simply because I was using my JC Penny credit card. Eventually, I only paid $15.99 plus tax! Needless to  say, I was a happy girl!

Here's my tray and how I styled it. It took me a few tries before getting the look I wanted. What do you think?

This tray is large and seems well-made so it was absolutely worth the $16 I paid for! So, if you love the look of the original Hermès tray and refuse to pay an arm or a leg, you should check them out at your nearest JC Penny store because the last time I checked, they were not available online. In case you are wondering, I got mine at Woodfield Mall in the Schaumburg area. 

Remember, the tray is located near the furniture department and curtain department (in the JC Penny store where I was at anyway) in the home accessories aisle. Happy hunting, my lovelies! 

Update: You can shop for your own Hermès serving tray replica here!

Disclosure: This blog post is in collaboration with Responsival. 


  1. Fab find, Jessie! Love it and the color is perfect for the Fall. M.

  2. I love a good bargain hunting post. It's tray-chic. Yes, that was dumb. :)

  3. OMG, great find! Have to grab my own! Love your styling!

  4. We just found one of these H trays and are LOVING it in our showroom...Hermes orange goes with everything!


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