Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cool designer alert- Natalie Clayman!

Introducing Tennessee-based designer, Natalie Clayman. An interior design graduate, she worked for a talented designer and business owner in Knoxville, Tennessee before starting on her own. Her signature style is combining eclectic pieces and layering bold patterns in sophistication. Let's check out her fabulous work below!

The designer: Natalie Clayman

Aren't her work fantastic? Her work is chic and refreshing! I particularly love the way she marries textures, patterns and colors with the unexpected. Those stylishly designed bathrooms are my favorites, I just can't get my eyes off them! Which rooms are you drawn to? With her talent, she is definitely a designer to watch!

For more information about the designer and her work, please visit http://natalieclayman.com/.


  1. I love how she uses a really bold color in almost every room- even if it's just a tiny bit. And now I want some faux bois printed chairs! (at least that's what the print looks like it is on those two chairs sitting side by side in the black and white living room)

  2. So agree!!!! Fabulous mix of colors and textures in all her spaces!


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