Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cool designer alert- Charlotte Dunagan!

Introducing Miami-based designer, Charlotte Dunagan. Coming from an artistic background, she studied graphic design, fashion and interior design at the MGM School of Design in Nice, France. Known for her sophisticated take on interiors, she creates memorable spaces by using an eclectic mix of furniture and textures. Let's take a look at her beautiful work below!

The designer: Charlotte Dunagan

I love her gorgeous portfolio particularly the dark, handsome and rich bathroom and the dramatic movie room! Which room are do you find most appealing?

For more information about the designer or her work, please visit http://www.atmospherecreations.com.


  1. Hi Jessie,
    I like her use of Chinoiserie, while mixing it up. I noticed in all of her photos the extensive use fine wall finishes. From wallpaper, to wood work....fantastic.....

  2. The use of dark colors with the metals is stunning...Lots to love here!

  3. Absolutely stunning rooms! In lvoe with the great room the most, now I'm thinking if I should put drapes in my tall windows?! The browns in the modern kitchen is appealing too - gives the clean lines some warmth! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Jessie!

  4. The dark, rich and handsome bathroom - the perfect description! It's very masculine and moody…quite fabulous.


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