Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cool designer alert- Orlando Soria!

Meet Los Angeles-based interior designer, Orlando Soria, who is also a writer and a visual artist. You might recognize him from the popular HGTV show, Secrets From A Stylist as Emily Henderson's on-camera assistant. When he is not shooting or blogging, he works as the principle designer for Orlando Soria Decoration. Now, let's check out his fabulous work below!

The designer: Orlando Soria

I really like the way he combines vintage items with eclectic pieces to create fresh and livable environments. His rooms always exudes warmth, character and style. Needless to say, I am truly inspired by his effortlessly chic aesthetic, what about you? Are you drawn to his stylish work as well?

For more information on Orlando and his work, please visit http://hommemaker.com/.


  1. He has an incredible eye. I love that artwork over the bed...the paneled work. Really pretty!

  2. A big YES! Love Orlando as much as I love Emily! Love the mix of vintage and small doses of glam! He's my more 'affordable' version of Nate!

  3. Shut it! Love every one of those rooms!!!


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