Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cool designer alert- Ken Fulk!

Meet San Francisco-based designer, Ken Fulk. His approach in design is eclectic, dramatic, sophisticated and without boundaries. Although he is not formally trained in design, he has an impeccable style and taste. Let's take a look at his marvelous portfolio below! 

The designer: Ken Fulk

Isn't his work extraordinary? Ken Fulk is a gifted designer who is not afraid to take design risks to create rooms with dramatic effects. His wonderful use of light and color in every room he designs is admirable. I also love his ability to pull together a captivating space by effortlessly blending unexpected objects from different periods. 

The classically chic blue-green living room with the beamed ceiling and the relaxing gray living room with the sky artwork are my favorites. Do you have a favorite too?

For more information on Ken Fulk and his work, please visit


  1. Hi Jessie...he is amazing..such a great body of work to show for himself...

  2. He is incredible. And definitely fearless! I love that he can do so many different styles- rooms that are dramatic and loud and others that are soft and soothing. He can make any type of client happy.

  3. I love his color combos! So fresh and different. So many good pin-worthy images!!

  4. Holy smokes-incredible is an understatement.

  5. Wow. He can do it all !!!!
    Amazing talent


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