Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cool designer alert- Summer Thornton!

Introducing Chicago designer, Summer Thornton. In 2007, she established her firm, Summer Thornton Design after working at a high-end European textile company and under several other interior designers. As the principal designer of her firm, she leads her firm in its creative vision and oversees all design projects. Known for fresh, bold and colorful interiors, she focuses on evoking emotion and mood in her designs. Let's check out her beautiful work below.

The designer: Summer Thornton

What do you think of her work? Her designs feel fresh, stylish and well-curated. While I like all her designs, I find the bathroom with the blend of wood and white subway tiles to be most inspiring because of the refreshing combination of materials. Which room or element in her portfolio are you most drawn to? I would love to hear your thoughts!

For more information on the designer Summer Thornton and her work, please visit


  1. Simply amazing! Love it! :D

  2. I really like her work. It looks collected, chic, modern, and fresh, all at the same time. Excellent use of color and texture. Thanks for the introduction. I'm sure we will be seeing her work for years to come!

  3. the first room is rather fun...sort of a library meets conservatory thing happening...

  4. The striped bedroom and the kitchen are my absolute favorites! Love her work and look forward to seeing more! xo

  5. I really love the bedrooms. How often can someone change a bedroom? Once a year?

  6. Hi Jessie, I really love her work, but the cutest is the nursery with the zebra wallpaper:)
    Have a lovely day sweets,

  7. Very talented designed who is able to pull many eclectic things together and make them harmonize un-contrived. Bravo! Such a wonderful change. Love all her work.


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