Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Some fun facts regarding Mother's Day: Did you know?

Mother’s Day was founded in 1907 by a West Virginia woman as a tribute to her own mother. In her 40s, Anna Marie Jarvis, a college graduate, quit her job and incorporated herself as the Mother’s Day International Association.
Jarvis was so passionate about her vision that she succeeded within 6 years in persuading the governors of nearly every state in the union to embrace Mother’s Day. By 1914, she had won over the U.S. Congress. That year President Woodrow Wilson signed a Congressional resolution declaring the second Sunday in May the nation’s day to honor mothers (for their role in the family, however, not the public sphere).
Rampant commercialization of Mother’s Day has kept it alive for a century, but the strong-willed Jarvis, ironically, detested any profiting from the holiday. She believed offspring should honor mothers with handmade gifts and letters, rather than with printed greeting cards and floral arrangements. 
Quite interesting, isn't it?

Happy Mother's Day to all mommies especially to my mom!

Today is the day to celebrate all wonderful, loving and hardworking moms! Hope your special day be rewarded with lots of love, big hugs and sweet kisses.


  1. Happy Mothers day Jessie, hope you got spoilt. And interesting facts - I had no idea - what a lady though :) Happy Monday,

  2. Ah, love the history ... Love that Anna Marie!! xo


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