Friday, April 26, 2013

Home tour- A textile designer's vibrant Georgia home!

This Georgia home belongs to textile designer and artist Susan Hable Smith that she shares with her young family. What was once a dilapidated Victorian cottage was transformed into a vibrant and cheerful family home which Susan describes as "Alice In The Wonderland". Curious what it looks like on the inside? Let's find out!

Colorful and quirky best describes this lively home. Each room has something unexpected that catches your eye. What caught my eye? The artwork in the girl's bedroom because it's so bright and beautiful! What are you drawn to?  


  1. This home is so beautiful and very Alice in Wonderlandish! Definitely quirky yet still so elegant. Love the wallpaper in the dining room.
    best wishes

  2. FEARLESS ! I love her use of old, and yet it feels so current. She has great style.

  3. Love the light fixtures and the map wallpaper in the bathroom. So cool!

  4. This is how I want to live. I love how personal each space feels.

  5. I've that first picture! But the whole house is perfect!

  6. A very young, playful, and whimsical home but still so sophisticated...Very nice!

  7. Gosh I adore the stripy ceilings - so fab. Happy Tuesday sweetest jessie,


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