Friday, April 12, 2013

Home tour- Rita Konig's stylishly eclectic Manhattan home!

Check out style writer and interior designer, Rita Konig's delightfully eclectic Manhattan home below!


This home feels comfortable, collected and effortlessly chic, don't you think? There are so much pretty details and patterns to look at. I am particularly drawn to her sweet and beautiful cozy bedroom. What catches your eye? Do you enjoyed this home tour as well? What are you most inspired by? I would love to know!


  1. I would love to move in right now! so beautiful, cozy and casual, yet chic and feminine... One of my favourite home tours

  2. Jessie...her home is delightful....welcoming, pretty and warm!

  3. Love the colorful apartment EXCEPT for the cigarettes!

  4. there's not a spare centimetre of space on a horizontal surface anywhere....and yet...and's doesn't feel too cluttered...perhaps because there is a bit of a sense of humour in those collections??? the crazy green candle entourage...

  5. This truly a beautiful home, and wow she really did a lot with a NY space! Great blog following on Bloglovin.

    Ali of

  6. Wow, so much character and vibrance without being tacky. Love it!

    thanks for sharing.

    Trisha x


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