Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cool designers alert- Paula Caravelli and Martha Angus!

Introducing award-winning designers, Paula Caravelli and Martha Angus. They met while working at Naomi Leff & Associates and launched their own bi-coastal firm, Paula + Martha in 2005. New York-based Caravelli oversees the firm's East Coast projects while Angus commands the West Coast office. With an extensive background in fine art, Caravelli has a strong affinity with color, texture and proportion. Angus, on the other hand has a remarkable career that spans almost every type of dwelling including projects as far away as the Hawaiian Islands, Europe, Asia and Australia. Let's take a look at their fantastic portfolio below!

The designer: Paula Caravelli
The designer: Martha Angus

What do you think of their designs? I thought their work is gorgeous, refined and exciting at the same time! I really like their use of sculptural pieces and statement artwork in all their interiors. Are your a fan of their designs as well?

For more information on the designers and their work, please visit


  1. Colors and textures are beautiful.

  2. Wow, I love all of it. So perfect.

  3. I'm definitely leaning to a more modern design these days because I am LOVING their clean crisp style. Spot on and gorgeous Jessie. Thanks for sharing!

  4. There is some incredible talent there!


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