Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cool designer alert- Lucy Penfield!

Lucy Penfield is a classically-trained designer. She loves blending traditional and modern elements in her work. Her experience in fashion, art, architecture and travel inspires her interiors. Let's check out her lovely portfolio below!

The designer: Lucy Penfield

What do you think of her work? I think her rooms are very livable and inviting. I particularly love the living room with the beautiful window niche. Which room catches your eye?

For more information on Lucy Penfield and her work, please visit


  1. My favorite room is the one with the fireplace. I love the arch, bench, and lighting! The staircase caught my eye too.......

  2. That orange sideboard has always been one of my favorites! Great pictures :)

  3. What a fab. introduction. Love her style and versatility. Those fish tables in the glam living room are insane!

  4. Wow! How did we miss this!? Thank you for such a fabulous shout out on your equally fabulous blog! Lots of love from Lucy Interior Design


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