Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cool designers alert- Nancy Riesco and Rebecca Lapres!

Featuring Vancouver-based designers, Nancy Riesco and Rebecca Lapres. In 1992, they established Riesco & Lapres Interior Design and practice in residential and commercial design. Let's check out their fabulous portfolio below!

The designer: Nancy Riesco
The designer: Rebecca Lapres

Do you like their designs? I thought their rooms exude a sense of effortless chic, don't you think? Their designs feel very warm, livable and have a great blend of styles. I would feel very comfortable in any of the rooms above. Which design catches your eye?

For more information on the designers and their work, please visit http://www.riescolapres.com/.


  1. Can you tell please me who makes that desk lamp in the little girl's room ( second picture)

    B from Vancouver

    1. B, I am not sure who makes the desk lamp. Perhaps you can contact the designer?
      Here is the email: info@riescolapres.com
      Hope it helps! Thanks!

  2. The hard part is choosing a favorite room! All are amazing!

  3. I am such a fan! What wonderfully thoughtful spaces!


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