Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Home tour- A film producer's oceanfront Malibu's retreat!

This weekend Malibu retreat belongs to Avi Arad, the world's preeminent producer of superhero movies and television shows. Designed by designers Richard Hallberg and Barbara Wiseley, this oceanfront home feels laid-back and elegant with the use of earthy neutral-tone color scheme and carefully chosen pieces. Let's take a tour at this fabulous home below!  

With its modern minimalist architecture, stylish laid-back interiors and breathtaking views, this home wins my heart in so many ways. I am particularly fond of the living room and den, not forgetting the beautiful outdoor seating area. Which room are you most drawn to?


  1. I love the earthy quality to all of this. I feel like this trend is coming on strong. Love it all, the textures, the neutrals with leather and browns, I love it. Thanks for stopping on over Jessie.
    xo Nancy

  2. There's a fantastic organic and earthy feel to this home and I love the veranda area - what a location! x

  3. This home is freaking awesome not even counting the stunning views. I need to make some movies...stat!

  4. How I would love it if I would ever have a home with this kind of outdoor space. The whole place is stunningly simple and warm. And just enough "clutter" to make it fun and interesting!! Thank you for sharing this!! xo


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