Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cool designer alert- Beth Webb!

Introducing Atlanta based designer, Beth Webb. Before establishing her own firm, Beth worked as a private art dealer. Her traveling experience to museums, country houses and palaces helped her developed a penchant for great art, beautiful proportion and luxurious touches- all great assets for successful interiors. Let's check out her gorgeous work below.

The designer: Beth Webb

I am in love with Beth's work! Her design exudes timelessness, sophistication and elegance. Did any of her rooms catches your eye? I would love to know your thoughts!

For more information on Beth Webb and her work, please visit


  1. Wow. I thought I had a favorite space until I kept scrolling. Truly stunning. I am head over heels for Beth's work. Great feature.

  2. Amazing work - I kinda like the large horse in the first image - but you need a specific home to have one :)
    Happy day sweet Jessie,

  3. Jessie...I love her work too....she is very talented!

  4. Jessie... wonderfull work this by Beth Webb :D

  5. I love her work ... several of the images you shared I have seen, but didn't know they were done by Beth. Gorgeous!! xo


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