Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cool designer alert- Robert Passal!

Introducing award-winning designer, Robert Passal. He began his career working for antiques dealer John Rosselli. From this experience, he learned a lot about furniture, interior design and decorative arts. Previously, he also worked as a senior designer at Healing Barsanti for five years before establishing his own firm in 2000. His style is sophisticated and his work is never defined by any one era, style or approach. Let's take a look at his gorgeous portfolio below.

The designer: Robert Passal

Robert Passal is certainly a very gifted designer. Don't you just love his beautiful and diverse interiors? His aesthetic is always timeless, collected, composed, curated and elegant. Which room are you drawn to and why? 

For more information on Robert Passal and his work, please visit his website at


  1. I love how with so many of these rooms, I'd never be able to pinpoint exactly what time period they were from, so they'll never look dated. Those pink water color walls are so pretty!

  2. Wow! The bedroom with the pink watercolor walls is so nifty!
    I love his bathrooms. I want a bathroom like that. Elegant, luxe..
    My favorite though has to be the bedroom with the textured walls and fur throw.
    Soothing, cozy, warm, traditional, yet in no way stuffy. Love the look!

  3. The rooms with the velvet sofas have my heart!!!

  4. Wow, I love his style...eclectik with touches of glamour. That pinkish wall treatment that mimicks watercolor is gorgeous... and the champagne colored chandelier in the living room...I'm wondering where that is from? It adds a very nice soft touch to that room.

  5. His style is amazing. His rooms have color and warmth and style ... all the things I love!! xo

  6. Oh my, the velvet touches!! He brings glam to to each and every space. Thanks for sharing!
    xo Heidi

  7. Feeling inspired by the patterns in those top two lamp shades! x

  8. Wow, great style and loved looking at all the images.


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