Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cool designer alert- Frank Roop!

Introducing talented designer, Frank Roop. Frank started his firm in 1998 after a career in fine men's specialty store retailing. The principles of design he learned in menswear helped give him the basis for formulating and conceptualizing his design schemes. Inspired by all styles and periods of interiors, he believes in creating 'couture' spaces. Let's take a look at his work below.

Sophisticated, unexpected and elegance are some of the words that came into mind when I see Frank Roop's work. His confidence and interesting use of textures and materials in his interiors are absolutely inspiring. Are you a fan of Frank's work as well?

For more information on Frank Roop's work, please visit http://www.frankroop.com/.


  1. Gorgeous. Love all of the pops of color!

  2. I am loving all this colourful furniture. What fun spaces!

  3. The first image---WOW. Love all the bright colors but adding the wood shelving unit behind the sofa really adds a richness to it and brings it to the next level. The bathroom is to die for as well! Thanks for sharing, Jessie.

  4. While I love some of his work - like that silver grey bathroom, I have to admit I'm not his biggest fans. Those pastel blue and green tones he uses a lot don't appeal all that much to me. That said his attention to detail is simply stunning! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)


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