Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Home tour- A bold and striking Park Avenue apartment!

This gorgeous Park Avenue apartment is designed by the talented Amanda Nisbet. Her fearless use of colors and textures set the rooms' overall mood and feel. Let's take a look!

Amanda Nisbet is definitely gifted when it comes to using strong, bold color palette in a home. Each rooms are beautiful in their own way but the cocoon-like blue library is my most favorite. I also love the bright chartreuse pleather banquette in the kitchen. Which room are you most drawn to and why?


  1. I love the coffee table in first photo.. kids would love to crawl thru the middle whole and the color purple used in some of the photos looks so cool!

  2. I'm a little off on this one Jessie. Maybe I'm just having a funny day, but the rooms don't look like real rooms! Could be the manner in which the pictures were taken....

  3. Well you just know I am crushing on this - COLOUR FANTASTIC! :) xx

  4. Oh definitely that kitchen in the last pic! Ohmygosh the colors in there are AMAZING!!!

  5. ahhhhh, the photo in the first image! knockout!

    hope you'll visit soon.


  6. Hey Jessie , I really like the picture in the first image - it really lights up the room - happy Thursday sweets,

  7. This apartment is so cool! I love her use of color and oversized/large scale art pieces... The pink lounge area looks like a hip place to hang out & unwind with a cocktail & the bedroom is soft and tranquil...


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