Friday, September 28, 2012

Fresh and chic rooms!

I have been a great fan of super talented Portuguese designer Ana Cordeiro. Her designs are always fresh, colorful and stylish. I have featured her beautiful work in the past in one of my regular series, 'Cool Designer Alert'. You can check out the feature here. Recently, I stumbled upon her work again and I just have to share it. 


I hope you enjoy her fabulous work as much as I do! Which room catches your eye?

For more information on Ana Cordeiro and her work, please visit


  1. So interesting!! I love her color palette in that long hallway.

  2. Absolutely beautiful color pallette- went and looked at her site- some gorgeous rooms.
    Thanks for sharing this new designers work.


  3. Hello .. I love the work of Ana Cordeiro, is fantastic and one of the best professionals in Portugal! ;D

  4. i just love this post!
    it is amazing!!!


  5. Wow what fabulous spaces!
    Thanks for sharing Jessie. I will surely check her work.

  6. I love this designer's use of colour and pattern. There's so much energy in her spaces.
    Thanks for sharing, Jessie!
    ~ Wendi ~

  7. I never get tired of geometric wallpaper. Love the color and patterns he has used.

  8. I love them all but the bedroom and living room with striped walls are really stunning, love all the colors!! ;-))

  9. I must have pinned your entire design project :-)))) It is grey here in Belgium today...this definitely brings a lot of color and joy to my day! Thanks!

  10. I just love her work - the bright colors are so fun and inviting!!

  11. Jaw dropping gorgeous! Some of these rooms I haven't seen yet so thank you for sharing! I am a huge fan and just wrote a post on my blog about her as well..


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