Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Earthy nature-inspired nursery!

Today, I stumbled upon this lovely nursery on Project Nursery. The first thing that caught my attention is the gorgeous wall sculptures. Later, I found out that they were made out of toilet paper rolls. Now, that ring a bell. I remembered seeing them on Pinterest but nothing as large a scale as this! See the bench under the window? It was made out of an old picket fence. I really love items that are repurposed and made beautifully. You can check out the details of this charming nursery here.

What do you think of this stylish nursery? Anything particular that inspires you?


  1. Wow, what a beautiful nursery. I love every inch of this design,especially the color scheme and texture.

    Bellies, Bundles & Taxi Cabs (Owner)
    "Re-routing traffic for motherhood"

  2. The colors!
    Some people are just too clever. I would never have dreamed this one up and it's gorgeous!

  3. i love it, jessie. everything looks like it would function beautifully, and it looks stunning.


  4. The yellow is very refreshing and perfect for a nursery. Love all of it...a modern spin on the typical earthy/eco style. Every item in the room has a special, unique feel as well.

  5. oh isnt this so precious? i tend to like the trend of nurseries that dont look like nurseries, but this one has some of the most awesome stuff in it, how could you NOT like it?! i love the detail on the bench and the line-up of their "ugly doll" collection and every thing about it!

  6. I love how nurseries are decorated now. Sophisticated and fun!

  7. Wow, I love that toilet paper roll wall pattern in here. I also love the mix of sleek and rustic. Perfect combination for a gorgeous space.


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