Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Home tour- A charming New Hampshire cabin!

A couple transformed a dark and shabby 500-square-foot cabin into a charming retreat for their family of six, without expanding the home's footprint. Let's take a look.

This charming cabin certainly looks and feels bigger than its original square footage. Decorated with mostly vintage items and a few unusual pieces makes this home feels warm, cozy and lived-in. This home is definitely the perfect place to relax with the amazing view outside. It's also a great spot to come back to after a day of lakeside activities. What are your thoughts? 

Check out the befores of this lakeside cabin home when you get a chance. The transformation is major and will amaze you, I promise!


  1. This place looks like such a dreamy and relaxing place - I love all the cladded wood, and, of course, those views!!

  2. I love that space. A small space perfectly decorated is really more appealing to me than any amount of square footage.

  3. Jessie I love the living room wicker furniture and they have some very cool rolling carts!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  4. it's so perfect and so efficient!

    love this.


  5. I seriously wish I was there right this second.

  6. The view off the balcony is just my kind of spot, I could get used to spending time here! Janell

  7. It looks so relaxing. I could use that now.

  8. So pretty ! Love how natural it looks


  9. Hi Jessie

    This is simply beautiful and yet so practical

    Helen xx

  10. What an amazing cabin, I love the interior and exterior and of course the lovely location!

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  12. Love, love, love this makeover! Any chance of sources for the two carts, and/or a description of what they were in their former, hard-working lives? ; )


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