Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cool artist alert- Harrison Howard!

Yesterday, I was introduced to a talented San Diego-based artist, Harrison Howard through Karena's blog, Art By Karena that I simply must share. His work is beautiful, whimsical, original, imaginative and filled with excellent attention to details. 

Born in 1954 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Harrison Howard devoted his earlier professional career to mural work which included screens, panels, easel paintings and watercolors. Primarily, his work has focused on decorative themes including architectural subjects, chinoiseries, and scenic's, often with bird, animal or floral motifs. Harrison started his career at the age of 19 with a one-man exhibit at the upstairs gallery owned by Ross Thiele & Sons Interiors, then located on Prospect Street in La Jolla. All but one of the 24 available watercolors were sold. Since then, Harrison has worked primarily as a freelance artist. Today, Harrison has returned to a focus on smaller paintings, and is now producing limited edition giclee prints of many of these paintings as well. So, it's not surprising that Harrison's work also appeared in Architectural Digest, May 1991 in a feature on leading California Mural Artists. 

According to the artist himself..........

"The Flower Ladies", as I call them, are a series of whimsical watercolor and gouache paintings, which have grown from a long standing interest in fashion illustration, children's book illustration, and of course flowers. I do not regard them as paintings of fairies, fairy art or fantasy art, but would prefer to think of them as fantasies based on fashion design. They are the product of numerous other influences as well, including many of the things surrounding me in everyday life, and extending to a passion for many areas of the decorative arts, such as the fanciful Chinoiserie designs of the 18th century Frenchman, Jean Pillement. In particular, I would acknowledge the countless other artists through the ages, too numerous too mention here, whose work has electrified my imagination. My pictures are aimed at the fundamental pleasure that almost all of us take in imaginative and quirky ideas. My paintings are for all people, however diverse their backgrounds may be, who share a common delight in art on this level.

Let's take a look at a sampling of his exquisite work below.




Aren't his work gorgeous and delightful? I just can't get enough of his work and I hope to own a few of his paintings in the future. If you are interested to know more about him and his work, Karena also did a wonderful interview with Harrison Howard, you may read it here. Are you a fan of his paintings as well? What are your thoughts? 

For more information regarding Harrison Howard and his work, please visit


  1. Oh I love his work Jessie - so cute and whimsical indeed.
    Happy weekend - hope you have a fab time with your lovely family,

  2. Yes, I love him too! Fantastic images. Have a great weekend!

  3. wow, beautiful use of color in all of his work, so interesting and unique! thanks for sharing

  4. Jessie his works are magical! The colors and details are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing all with us.


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