Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cool designer alert- Marisa Lafiosca!

Introducing New York-based designer, Marisa Lafiosca. A graduate from FIT, she once held a position in Ferragamo. The job required her to travel to Florence regularly which exposed her to fine European fabrics and design. Years later, she successfully transformed her own Tudor home in the suburbs and thus leading her to formally study interior design. She then gained experience through apprenticeship from a local designer before starting her own design firm. Earthy elegance defines her design style. Let's take a look at her beautiful portfolio below.

The designer: Marisa Lafiosca

Her designs are a marriage of beauty, warmth and function, don't you think? I am drawn to so many of her rooms particularly the gray bedroom with the vaulted ceiling with a pop of red accents. Which room do you gravitates to?

For more information on Marisa Lafiosca and her work, please visit http://mlinteriordesign.com/.


  1. Jessie, what wonderful spaces. Marisa's work is awesome. I am drawn to the kitchen dining area with the banquet and the hall space with the clock without hands. (maybe the clock, because I have one, with hands, and love it!)

  2. Marisa has a very impressive resume! Must love another 'texture' and 'layering' girl. I want that 2 pendant chandelier in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing her work.

  3. Gorgeous spaces! What a dream job at Ferragamo- to travel regularly and be inspired by European textiles. All her spaces are so rich, I can't pick just one favorite!

  4. Marisa's work is full of life and joy. I love the kitchen and use of wood. Excellent post


  5. Just gorgeous work. Wallpaper and walls of tile. She's my kind of designer.

  6. Her work is absolutely stunning! Each space is so beautifully decorated!


  7. Love the clear glass ball pendants over the kitchen island! x

  8. SO happy to find this designer! Her style really aligns with mine. I think every room you showed was fantastic!


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