Monday, June 25, 2012

Home tour- A gorgeous ultramodern hilltop home!

With four kids approaching their teens and in their teens, a Vermont family decided it is time for a change. They traded their traditional farmhouse on fifteen acres and built an ultramodern concrete home on a hilltop overlooking the views of the Connecticut River. A neutral palette of  grays and whites provides the 9,700 square-foot home with a tranquil backdrop. Minimal furnishings were selected so the view is not obstructed. Let's check out this stunning home below.

Isn't this home and that view amazing? It would be a dream to live in a home like this. What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of modern architecture and modern interiors? What are your favorite elements? Would you use a similar color palette for your own home? Would you change anything in a home like this?


  1. What a gorgeous home...
    The first image/space looks divine,
    what a view!

  2. I would totally love this home. 9,700 sq. feet, are you kidding me? What great architecture and materials to complement the amazing views.

  3. i could soooooooo live here. everything in its place. but the square footage would be brutal for maintenance. the airy vibe though? omg.



  4. This is definitely not something I would expect out of VT!

  5. Gorgeous house and view! in love with the dining room!

  6. Wow. What a house. Love that graphic rug with the table and chairs. Really amazing.


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