Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cool products alert- Japanese food inspired iPhone cases!

The Japanese are well known for its creative, mind-boggling and bizarre products all over the world. Take these iPhone cases for example. A cell phone accessory manufacturer, Strapya decided to put some fun and quirkiness into its products by creating realistic looking plastic models of traditional popular Japanese foods such as sushi, ramen, mochi, seafood and other dishes for its iPhone cases, retailing at 3,990 yen (USD $50) each.

What do think of these iPhone cases? Do you find these products hilarious or is it too bizarre for your taste? Do you think the design of these cases are practical at all? While I am not sure if I will be carrying one of these cases anytime soon but I am sure they are a conversation starter. It's also the perfect gag gift for someone who can take a little bit of fun and humor. My question is, would you buy something like this for the fun factor? Your thoughts?

For further details regarding these products, please visit Strapya.

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  1. Made me hungry - love sushi, but probably wouldn't pick it for the iPhone cover:) Fun though.
    Happy weekend Jessie,

  2. cool.........

  3. neat but not for my phone!!


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