Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cool products alert- Designer sushi seaweed!

Design NORI, squares of seaweed (nori in Japanese) is a series of intricately laser-cut seaweed for rolling sushi. Beautifully designed, they have been gaining attention in Japan and overseas. Because of their design intricacy and precision required in the cutting process, the seaweed used are the thicker variety from the Sanriku region of Miyagi (the northwestern coast of Japan's main island). The leftover clippings will be sold as furikake (dry toppings that you sprinkle over rice) or recompile into other sheets.

Created by Umino Hiroyuki, the director of Umino Seaweed Shop and developed by international ad agency, I & S BBDO, the project was commissioned to boost the sale of nori following the tsunami in Japan of 2011, at a time when he noticed that Japanese are consuming less seaweed than in the past. The patterns are inspired by ancient Japanese history and are meant to symbolize good fortune, happiness and longetivity. The five designs are: Sakura (Cherry Blossoms), Mizutama (Water Drop), Asanoha (Hemp), Kikkou (Turtle Seashell), Kumikkou (Tortoise Shell). The gorgeous designs won the ad company Best of Show for Design Lotus during the Adfest in Thailand.

Currently featured in KATAGAMI STYLE, a 19th century Japanese stencil artwork exhibition being held at the Mitsubishi Inchigokan Museum in Tokyo through May 27, 2012. The pieces are available for sale for 840 yen (approximately USD 10) through the retail location in Ibaraki Prefecture and at the exhibition. In the future, Umino hopes to produce the nori on a larger scale and at a lower cost.

Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)

Asanoha (Hemp)

Mizutama (Water Drop)

Kikkou (Turtle Seashell)

Kumikkou (Tortoise Shell)



These designer sushi seaweeds are simply gorgeous, aren't they? Is this idea genius or what? I can envisioned these designer seaweed rolls in high end sushi restaurants. For sushi fans, would you be able to eat these award-winning beauties? For me, I found them too beautiful to eat. I rather display them in frames than having them for dinner. What are your thoughts? Do you love these as much as I do? Which designer nori is your favorite? Would you buy them at $10 a piece?

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  1. So cool. Love them all, but that Hemp one is fantastic. Happy Friday!

  2. OMG! State of the art design for SUSHI!!

  3. They are beautiful done, but i don't think i would spend 10 dollars on them.

  4. So beautiful! Almost too pretty to eat!

  5. As if sushi weren't already cool looking. I really like the Kumikkou- these would be perfect for a party.

  6. very, very cool. i've loved sushi since i was a little girl and think something like this would be perfect for a party!


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