Friday, May 25, 2012

Beautiful porches and terraces!

Designed by various showhouse designers, these gorgeous outdoor spaces are absolutely fresh, stylish and inviting thanks to a dose of unexpected pieces and brilliant backdrops. Let's take a look. 

Each space is beautiful in their own way. Which one is your favorite? What do you find most inspiring from the images above?


  1. you find the most fabulous spaces! i love your eye! i like them all for inspiring me to get my butt in gear and add some personality to my screen porch. it's dull right now and simply needs some attention. thanks.



  2. the top 2 images are so shazaam-boom-colour-blast-woohooo!! that the rest simply pales by contrast.

    Guess which one I love best? Uh/oh, that's a no-brainer - gotta love the colour!

  3. I love the yellow ceiling! Charming and surprising

  4. They are all gorgeous spaces - but I love the third one with the white sofa and the colorful pillows the most- so very inspiring! So glad you shared these and that I didn't miss them ;D

  5. I particular love the first orange patterned hanging, which brings alive the space and pops it with colour.
    Curtains in outdoor spaces make it so comforting


  6. These are all gorgeous spaces. I am so glad it is summer.

  7. Amazing spaces indeed - we are having the most divine weather here - so we are enjoying it whilst it last :)
    Happy weekend

  8. Those are lovely outdoor spaces.
    I'm loving the cheerful colors and ambiance.


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