Friday, April 13, 2012

Home tour- A 1960's inspired colorful and chic beach home!

This surfer chic home is based on an orange, yellow, turquoise and white color palette, according to designer Mona Ross Berman. The colors were inspired by the geometric pattern on the 60's-style dining room tabletop and is the starting point of the whole house. Let's take a look at this fun and colorful home!


Filled with personality and style, this beautiful and laid-back beach home is the perfect summer house for me. Do you feel the same as well? 


  1. I love every bit of it, but especially the blue backsplash in the kitchen!

  2. Wow. Thanks for finding my perfect beach house.I have been surfing the web for 2 years looking for ideas for our own. Every room was gorgeous.

  3. I could live the whole year round in such a home. A colorful home is a happy home.

  4. love the decorative details on the doors!! simply DIY and huge impact!!

  5. Bedrooms are my favourites! although every corner of the house is beautiful

  6. So bright and cheery. I just love the barn doors. What a fabulous house!

  7. how could anyone be depressed in this setting!?! i think it's just what i need. except i'm landlocked for now.

    thanks for the cheery images.


  8. What a fun house! Love all the colors.


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