Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cool product alert- Menu Pin Tables!

Introducing these super chic and fabulous Menu Pin Tables. They can be used in a park, the backyard or the beach during summer. Just push them into the ground by using the button on top and use it as your side table to hold your book, drink or cell phone together with your folding beach chair. They are available in five delicious colors this coming May from Menu

These table definitely reminds me of Pinterest for some reason or am I the only one who thinks so? Are you a fan of this fun and stylish product? Which color is your favorite?

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  1. It’s the perfect thing to take with you when you go to the beach. I can’t tell you how annoyed I get when I have to clean sand out of my phone or suncream lid! Very clever!

  2. Thinking I need one of these for our beach trip!!! M.

  3. These are so FUN! I love the pink one the most! x


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