Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cool designer alert- Steven Gambrel!

Featuring amazingly talented designer, Steven Gambrel. In 1995, he established his New York-based design firm, S.R. Gambrel Incorporated after earning an architecture degree at the University of Virginia. His fresh, innovative approach to color and form has earned him various publications in magazines and newspapers including House & Garden, Elle Décor, Interior Design, Departures, New York Times and New York Magazines. His work evokes a classical sensibility that come alive with his individual mix of modern and traditional furnishings, which he often designs himself. Let's take a look at his gorgeous portfolio.

The designer: Steven Gambrel

What attracted me to Steven's beautiful and stylish interiors is his ability to pull together a room in a fresh, effortless way. What are your thoughts? Are you drawn to this amazing work as well?

For more information regarding Steven Gambrel and his work, please visit 


  1. Ummm ummm ummm that bar image is slaying me. I am pinning most of these images as we speak. Thank you for introducing me to this style icon!

  2. Oh those are a lot of wonderful spaces!

  3. love his style! lots to learn from these images. Thx for sharing Jessie!

  4. Wow, the ceiling in #4 is amazing. I like how he uses a pale color for the back of his bookcases.

  5. Oooh such great style love the pops of orange!

  6. Love the color palette he uses :)
    Happy Easter Jessie - hope you have a great time ,

  7. Totally adore him. He can create a dramatic focal point to a room like none other. Also, I adore his signature french mattress seat cushions. Love love him. M.

  8. those hallways are incredible. love his work!


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