Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cool designer alert- Bronwyn Poole!

Featured talented designer Bronwyn Poole. In 1998, she established her Australia-based design firm, Touch Interiors. As the head designer and company director, she leads two other designers to create warm, creative and stylish spaces for their clients. Let's check out her inspiring work below.


The designer: Bronwyn Poole

Aren't these gorgeous rooms fresh and energetic? I am so inspired by Bronwyn's work because it resonates with my own design aesthetic as well. The interiors she created are contemporary, eclectic, stylish, colorful and whimsical- all the elements I love in a space. Do you enjoy her designs too? Which room is your favorite?

For more information regarding Bronwyn Poole's work, please visit


  1. These spaces are so beautiful, very fresh and energetic. I don't think I can pick a favorite, they are all so unique and lovely.

  2. Hi Jessie

    Exciting and great use of colour.

    My favourite is the 3rd image from end, the blue wallpaper and a glimpse of the ocean always lures me.

    Thanks for sharing

    Helen xx

  3. Super colorful and fun. This style does remind me of you, Jessie!

  4. Lovely use of color. These places are full of energy. Goregous.

  5. whimsical, yes. and happy and inviting and ooh lala. i love.



  6. Hello again Jessie!
    Perfect combination of colors! I would say that her interiors are very playful too.

  7. Hey Jessie!
    Where do you find all these FAB photos on your blog?? They're always so great and love the mix you put together....
    thanks for stopping by on the blog...

  8. She is certainly fearless when it comes to color and pattern.

  9. Love all of the bedroom looks!

  10. Wow she really has guts when it comes to color! These rooms are so energetic and fun. I love the trellis wallpaper in the bright green.

  11. I really love this design, I agree with Brooke she has some real guts when it comes to colour. I am in the middle of redesigning my living room and I want a bold colour but i'm not quite sure how to execute it. I have a white sofa packed away in self storage similar to the one in the photo too. So I think I will try mixing bold prints but they should definitely be toned down with plain furniture. It really does look lovely!


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