Friday, March 30, 2012

Home tour- Lauren Santo Domingo's stylish and quirky loft!

Lauren Santo Domingo, a contributing editor at Vogue, is well-known for her clothes. A glimpse inside her Flatiron loft that she shares with her husband Andrés Santo Domingo proves to be as eclectic and chic as her wardrobe. Let's take a look. 

I really love Lauren's elegant, stylish and eclectic home. I like how her home is filled with unexpected pieces and quirky elements. It's visually interesting and quite different than most homes I have seen and I find it quite refreshing and inspirational. I especially love her living room's coffee table vignette that she fills with live plants. What about you? Are you drawn to homes that filled with a lot of quirky objects as well? Your thoughts?


  1. One word came to mind looking at this house and all the details... impressive! Especially liked the color of the sofa, the coffee table and the hippo-bar!

  2. Gorgeous home, full of personal stuff, I love that, it shows a lot of character. I´m tired of seeing such impersonal interiors, very aseptic.
    This house is full of life!

  3. Have been a long admirer of her home and definitely love her quirky objects. My favourite is the Lalanne hippo bar and her colourful glass jars.

    Have a lovely weekend. xAnastasia

  4. I love all the quirks and eclectic elements of her home. Beautiful! And her jewelry drawer is fantastic.
    Have a wonderful weekend friend!

  5. Really cool and quirky home - I like it :)
    have a great weekend Jessie,

  6. I really like quirky elements. I couldn't do this much all together, but there are a lot of cool pieces that I would totally pull from these rooms and use in my own home. Just in small doses though. My son would just die over that big lego dog!! Hope you're enjoying your weekend girly!

  7. Fab wooden texture in here coffee table! Hope you are well, Jessie! Have a great weekend!

  8. Jessie, I dont know how I missed this. I guess just busy.. Love how it is different and creative.

  9. I love her quirky, eclectic's always inspiring to see homes that are fun and stylish at the same time. Thanks for sharing Jessie. I hope you are having a great week xx


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