Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cool products alert- Stamp Rugs!

Recently, I stumbled across these gorgeous Machin's Royal Mail Stamp Rugs while reading Apartment Therapy a few days ago. These unique collection of Stamp Rugs is skillfully handmade from 100% New Zealand wool in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. The collection comprises of 6 stamp proportioned sizes with custom made sizes available on request and it comes with many fabulous colors as well. Check this out!

Used as a conventional rug or hung on the wall for an alternative look, the Queen's Head Stamp Rug is the ultimate majestic design statement. And I think they look absolutely chic too!

I think this is such a clever concept and the rugs are so fun and stylish to boot! These will look great in a modern home and will be quite the conversation piece, don't you think? Do you love these rugs as much as I do? Which color is your favorite? Do you prefer to have them on the walls or on the floors?

For more information regarding these products, please visit

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  1. I'm with you,
    that's kinda cool and clever.

  2. It's the queen - what's not to love they are fab:)
    Happy weekend Jessie,

  3. Great blog!!! If you want take a look at my blog!!! Follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin?? Let me know!!! I follow you back of course!!! Kiss :D

  4. Those rugs are awesome! I would love to have one to hang on my wall, I am digging the pink color. I'm going to check out their website. Have a good weekend Jessie!

  5. I am loving these stamp rugs! How cool! I love the hot pink one. I like how it was also used as art! Too cool! Thank you for sharing. :)



  6. Oh, I'm loving it as a rug, especially in a more muted space where it can really be the focal point.


  7. Oh my God, best thing ever! Love it! So wonna have it! :D

  8. These are so awesome!! Seriously, people think of everything!! I love them up on the wall!
    Have a great weekend Jessie!

  9. I first saw these a while back on pinterest and always loved them. I didn't think they would work on my floors though and I hadn't considered them for a wall. Going to have to rethink this.


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