Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stunning green spaces!

Green is a beautiful and versatile color. It is calming and it is known to be the most restful color for the human eye, which is why it is my most favorite color in the world. No matter what shade of green it is and whether it is used on walls, ceilings, kitchen cabinets, chairs, artwork, curtains or wallpapers, it is a great complimentary color to other colors. I hope these gorgeous and stylish green rooms will inspire you to inject some green in your home.


Which green element or green space are you most inspired by? For me, it's the green gingham ceiling and green cabinets in the first picture, it's so unexpected and the results are very charming.


  1. I just added some green to our spare bedroom. These are beautiful examples:)
    Happy week! x, Anna

  2. Beautiful images. I am really loving kelly green and navy.

  3. Apple green loveliness - my have is the amazing bedspread in picture 7 - just lush.
    Happy day sweet Jessie,

  4. That bath is really wonderful!!

    Art by Karena

  5. Jessie, I could not live with hot green in my home, but I love the soft green.The living room with the striped sofa is charming.

  6. I love the last kitchen. Gorgeous!


  7. I love green! Especially when it's paired with white and/or gray; it looks so fresh.

  8. Such a vivid color! And the images match your blog's header so well!

  9. Green is my favorite color. I love the kitcen with the pink tulips.


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