Friday, February 17, 2012

Cool project alert- Re-branding Vårdapoteket identity!

Featuring an identity development project by Stockholm Design Lab for Vårdapoteket, a Swedish pharmacy chain. With 24 pharmacies placed in care related locations and to distinguish themselves from the often very clinical and barren environments that hospitals make out, Stockholm Design Lab developed a new identity inspired by the human body. With a strong and positive color palette and a pattern based on the internal organs of the human body, a strong base for their new identity was created. This graphic language is now used in all types of applications; from in-store wallpaper to all sorts of printed material such as stationery, retail POS (Point of Sale) materials. Let's check out this colorful design scheme for Vårdapoteket.



Graphical toolbox


 Brochure details

Back of the brochures


Carrier bags

Membership card

Business cards




Interior details


What are your thoughts? Are you inspired by these designs in any way? For me, I am particularly inspired by the color schemes of this project. The wallpaper and the membership card are my favorites. It just goes to show that we can find inspirations everywhere. 

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  1. Seriously colourful and are right the colours are fantastic!
    Have a wonderful weekend xo

  2. Its about time. Pharmacy's are always ugly and boring.I love when people are creative and fun. Wouldn't it be fun to bring this concept into schools.The class rooms could be painted just like this. Kids might learn it easier if they could color in the body parts in bright colors. It would be fun to go to science.

  3. Hey Jessie, I just tagged you on my blog. Hope you play!

  4. I love how bright and colorful everything is.

  5. This really is a neat concept. I love the idea of color coding- it def helps us non-science people understand anatomy a bit better. :)

  6. This just goes to show that the Swedish are stylish in ALL aspects of their lives! It's so refreshing to see something so creative in a pharmacy of all places! The membership cards are so clever!


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