Friday, February 3, 2012

Cool project alert- City canvas artwork!

A few days ago, I stumbled upon Kristin's blog, third story (ies) and while browsing her site, I checked out the Paper Projects category. Under Paper Projects, she shared some of her projects which include homemade Christmas cards using intricate cutouts she made for her family and City canvas artwork she did for her nephew's room. I was beyond amazed by her talent, her design and the amount of time and effort she put in to create such an elaborate work of art. Let's take a look.

The making of a city:

Her work is absolutely beautiful, fun, intricate and inspiring. What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy Kristin's work as much as I do? 

For more information regarding Kristin's work, please visit third story (ies).


  1. What a cute project. I really like the color story she uses.

  2. Yes, love! So thoughtful, original and fresh!

  3. I love artwork like this. I am truly very inspired. THanks for sharing..will check out her site.

  4. I call Kristin my most artistic friend...I was in total awe when her holiday card arrived in the mail this year. This city scape is absolutely adorable. So intricate and fun for a toddler to gaze upon yet modern and fun and enjoyable for all ages. Her blog is beautiful and always motivating.


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