Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cool product designer- Giles Godwin Brown!

Featuring product and lighting designer, Giles Godwin Brown. During his final year studying product design at university, he developed an interest in lighting and his major graduation project and final project both being lamps. Let's check out both his fun designs!

'Nepa Lamp'

This is a 2D lamp silhouette that seamlessly transforms into a fully functioning 3D task lamp. The design is definitely a conversation piece in any room yet still understated.


This lamp incorporates a transparent strip that creates a halo-like effect of light to be emitted onto the surrounding wall.

Both the lamp designs are so witty, inspiring and beautifully crafted! I can definitely see them in a modern home. Which one is your favorite?

For further details regarding the designer and the products, please visit

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  1. These are fun - a bit different but fun :O)
    Happy friday dear Jessie,

  2. Such a unique and cool design!

  3. Very unique designs. Good find, Jessie! xx

  4. As a industrial design myself I adore to see clever designs like this, how fun!

    Hugs & kisses from South Florida,

  5. Oh whoa! How cool! I like the first one the best. Thank you so much Jessie for my sweet birthday message yesterday! Have a wonderful weekend; hugs!

  6. How unique, i love the first one!

  7. indeed, very unique and retro, i like it!

    Hope all is well my dear, have a great weekend!


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