Friday, January 6, 2012

Cool photography alert- Fashion editorial!

Featuring the work of both Chrystel Plischke-Livolsi and Guillaume Nallet. Their expertise include producing, styling, art direction and photography of these brilliant fashion editorial. Let's take a look.

These photographs look absolutely stunning. The mixture of colors, textures, patterns are very striking and energetic. I am definitely inspired by the color combinations above and I think they will translate well into interiors. What do you think? Are you inspired as well?

For more information regarding their work, please click here.


  1. Quite fabulous! Bright, bold - outrageously colourful - and lots of fun.

  2. WOW - so fab and so much color - lovely :)
    Happy weekend dear Jessie

  3. love the attitude !! :D
    COLORS <3

  4. Beautiful photography, love everything about it, the explosion of colors and the background makes it even more intense.


  5. The details on these are incredible. Like artwork! Hey, if you get a chance, Jessie, pop over and enter my giveaway for a Shabby Apple dress!! Have a great weekend! M.

  6. I'm definitely inspired. I gravitate to neutral palettes, but these gorgeous color could certainly make me change my mind. Hope you have a great weekend!!

  7. Love this post! The colors and fashions are so inspiring!


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