Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cool designer alert- David Hicks!

Featuring talented Australian designer, David Hicks. Hicks is a highly regarded authority in the design industry and is regularly called upon for speaking and judging engagements. He is known for his attention to detail and commitment to excellence and quality. Modern luxury is his trademark. With an impressive portfolio and experiences in private residences, residential developments, hotels, restaurants, retails stores and offices, he currently works internationally. He is now based in Melbourne, Sydney in Australia and in Los Angeles, United States. Let's take a look at his beautiful work below.

The designer: David Hicks

With an eye for detail and delivering spectacular work in every design style, Hicks is definitely a designer to watch. I find his work absolutely gorgeous and inspiring, what about you? Do you enjoy his portfolio as much as I do?

To learn more about David Hick's work, please visit


  1. The work is beautiful and he looks so young!!

  2. Amused by the comment above about his age & his photo - frozen in youth time, I think! I want one of those time machines too!

    But his firm have done a lot of stunning designs - and seem to have no trouble reinventing themselves for every project - which is fabulous.

  3. Wonderful work - makes me want tp do it even more!!
    Almost weekend now - have a great day,

  4. Dramatic! Really love the shelves that wrap into the corner and continue on.

  5. Dramatic, indeed. Love the titled bathroom, Jessie! xx

  6. Jessie,
    I love the image of the chandelier and the raw ceilings. There is something about the mix of raw and glam that swoons me.

  7. Both beautiful... work and designer!!! :)
    Love, Olga

  8. Wow...that was a lot of beautifulness to take in!

  9. Thanks for sharing these images Jessie!
    Clearly talented love all the images.

    Abigail x

  10. Nice designes! Love your blog! :D

  11. Love his work! Especially the ginormous light fixtures over that bar! Fabulous!

    xo Kendal

  12. Wow this is so inspiring, love how the rooms feel so grand!

    Hugs & kisses from South Florida!

  13. I always get so inspired coming to your blog! Fabulous post!


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