Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cool product designer- Michiel Cornelissen!

Featuring award winning Dutch designer Michiel Cornelissen. With a design engineering education at Delft University of Technology, Michiel has a solid basis for creating design-based solutions. He also learned from many exceptionally talented designers while working at Philips Design for over a decade ago. Let's check out his work below.

'36 Pencil Bowl'

I like how this product combined relatively simple and locally available materials with high tech, custom designed interface parts. Just get the central connector piece and you may combine it with 36 standard hexagonal pencils or a set of color pencils for a custom look. 

Check out another product he designed using a similar concept.

'30 Pencil Icosahedron'

With this kit, plus 30 standard-sized hexagonal pencils, you can build an icosahedron-shaped object of about 15 inch in diameter. It can be used as a lampshade or as a fun and educational object.

Between the two products, which one is your favorite? Do you like Michiel's simple, fun and functional products? Personally, I think they are both cool and beautiful.

For further details regarding the designer and his products, please visit

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  1. I think these are rather cool Jessie, especially the first image.
    Sorry for my absence - Christmas has kinda kept me very busy! Hope your weekend is great,

  2. So interesting and different - liking the colour, too! x

  3. This is cool. My son would loves this type of "stuff". The Icosahedron is my favorite.

  4. I love it. Clean lines and the colours are assembled beautifully
    Helen xx

  5. Love all of the cool angles and colors! xo

  6. What a fun and great use of color pencils!

  7. I agree Jessie they are both pretty cool

  8. I love them! The pencil bowl is amazing!

  9. Thanks for the post, and the comments, people!


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