Friday, November 25, 2011

Yummy in yellow!

I have to admit yellow is one of my least favorite color when I was younger. However, after constant exposure to this sunny color, I have a change of heart. I actually love this color now. I have incorporated this color in my living room and I am planning to use yellow as one of the accent colors in my unfinished master bedroom. The color yellow always make a room looks inviting, fresh and cheery, don't you think? No matter which shade, where and how much you use, as a wall color, an accent color or through accessories, there is no denial the color yellow brings so much joy and optimism in a room. Just take a look at these examples and you will see.

Do you love yellow as much as I do? What color makes you happy? Are you inspired by any of the rooms above? Which one is your favorite?


  1. I agree, Jessie. Yellow is an optimistic color with a lot of joyful energy. I tend to prefer muted yellows over the more saturated hues.
    Great inspiration post!

  2. Pretty images! I love that second one...very sophisticated. When it comes to paint color, yellow is soooo much better than gold.

  3. loving these spaces! #1 is striking my fancy!

  4. Love yellow - my fave color. :)
    Happy weekend Jessie,

  5. You got me... mine is yellow! After grey of course. And mixing grey and yellow is the perfect combination!

  6. Never was drawn to yellow so much when growing up.I do see how cheerful it is now and appreciate it on walls where there is less sun..the first 2 pics would be my favorites.

  7. Hello Jessie!
    With me its the other way around. I used to love yellow but now I'm just tired of it. The walls in my bedroom are yellow but I still haven't made up my mind with what color to paint them. Anyway, your photos although -as always- inspire me. Especially the one with the two yellow chairs and the floral wallpaper.
    Hope your well!


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