Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cool designers alert- Amanda Henderson-Marks and Lyn Gardener!

Featuring fabulous Australia-based designers Amanda Henderson-Marks and Lyn Gardener. Amanda has worked as a decorator for the iconic fabric and wallpaper company Osborne & Little in Chelsea while Lyn is well-known for her store, Empire Vintage in Albert Park which she has owned since 1994. In addition to sourcing unique pieces for her store, Lyn has styled, refurbished and renovated two warehouses in Melbourne in strikingly distinct styles. Gardener and Marks have worked together for many years styling and decorating a variety of commercial and domestic spaces. With their combined talents and broad ranging experience, the accomplished pairs often deliver projects with a unique and distinctive feel. Let's check out their beautiful work below:

The designers: Amanda Henderson-Marks and Lyn Gardener

Bridging older and newer elements, each spaces they create exudes warmth and a sense of lived-in comfort. What are your thoughts? Do you find this kind of decorating style appealing?

For more information about the designers and their work, please visit their website at www.gardenerandmarks.com.au.


  1. I love them all! It's so warm and inviting!

    Tiffany @ Lifestyle Treats

  2. Very cool styling! Not sure i'd necessarily want to live in these rooms, but I can definately appreciate how fantastic they look! I always love your posts Jessie! Chels xo

  3. The picture series in the middle of this post features my all time favorite place - I love it so (all the whites and the vintage) WOW .
    Gorgeous and very talented ladies,
    Happy day Jessie,

  4. I love the wire table lamp base in the first living room - awesome piece! xx

  5. I do love mixing old and new but these spaces are perhaps a little too rustic for me. Still, these lovely earthy spaces are a delight to look at!

    Meera xx

  6. I love the library! That wallpaper is awesome.

  7. Love the shabby chic look in the top photos. So my style!

  8. This is too rustic for me, but I can sure appreciate the beauty!

  9. Gorgeous home, so stylish but it still seems to have a homely feel to some of the rooms.
    Love there use of White too.
    Great images Jessie.

    Abigail x

  10. A very beautiful portfolio! Thank you for the introduction Jessie!! I love the whimsical touches throughout. Hope your week is well,
    Nancy xo

  11. I seldom find a post where I adore absolutely every single room featured... until today! These are going straight into my inspiration folder! Thanks Jessie!

  12. Interesting spaces..some of them seem from another era - the darker lit ones and those with stark, white-washed walls (floorboards and chandelier). An interesting blend of styles.


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