Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cool designer alert- Phoebe and Jim Howard!

Introducing the talented Phoebe and Jim Howard. Fourteen years ago, they opened their first store in Jacksonville, Florida. It is a retail space that showcased Jim's architectural and decorating talent and Phoebe's natural skills for buying, decorating and merchandising. Five years later, they opened another store that cater to a younger market. Now, they have several stores in Florida, Atlanta and North Carolina. Their work have been published in Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Coastal Living, Cottage Living, Southern Accents, InStyle and Traditional Home, among others. Let's check out their beautiful work below.

The designer: Phoebe Howard

Marrying classical pieces with clean lines and modern sensibility, their work look fresh yet timeless. What are your thoughts? Are you drawn to anything in particular?

For more information regarding their work, please visit www.phoebehoward.net.


  1. Hi Jessie,
    I absolutely adore Phoebe and Jim Howard. Thank you so much for showcasing their work.
    Have a lovely day,
    ~ Wendi ~

    1. I couldn't agree with you more! They are my favorites and seem like they are lovely people. I want to have them over for cocktails and dinner!

  2. Fabulous portfolio, I love the mix of styles and particular the images with old gold items.

    Meera xx

  3. The bedroom with the vaulted ceiling is incredible! Lots of lovely rooms :)


  4. I absolutley love their work. Every little detail is perfect and I could live so happily in any one of those rooms! GORGEOUS!!!

    P.S. yes, Brian had my use what you did for the giveaway. I was under the impression he put it together. So sorry if that's not the case. I know how much time these take to put together. xo

  5. Love the black and white striped rug! Have a very happy Thanksgiving, Jessie! xx

  6. Quite beautiful. Although the turquoise room is a little too blue for me and similarly, the pink one. But there are some interesting choices of styles and elements and I always enjoy seeing eclectic mixes of accessories and other furnishings.

  7. So cool. Can't get over that Welcome Aboard lamp. So unique!

  8. Just about loved every single room - I think it's the choice and placement of pictures, wall lights, sconces and mirrors that really makes these rooms beautiful and memorable ! Thanks for sharing x

  9. Oh my! What a wonderful portfolio you are sharing with us! Amazing bathrooms. (My own needs a makeover...).

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, lovely Jessie. You are the best!

    ox, Mon

  10. just found your blog via pinterest, you have some great posts, loving it!!!

  11. So many beautiful interiors! I especially love that entryway--might be my favorite!

  12. omg. that first bed... i could die. so beautiful. super happy I found your blog. totally following. If you get a sec I'd love to hear what you think of my fashion blog. It's all about the adventures of a southern girl turned LA stylist. xo



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