Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gorgeous bedrooms in every styles!

For many of us, a bedroom is an ideal place to relax and recharge from the stresses of everyday life.  A beautiful bedroom can become your sanctuary and hopefully, these images will inspire you to create a bedroom design you will love. Each of the images inspire me in some way whether it is the color palette, furniture or accessory layout, the mix of patterns or materials. Which one is the most inspiring to you?

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  1. So many great ones and plenty of kicks of quirk in this selection....I'm going to be pinning like mad as the inspiration is endless...

  2. how do you find all of these wonderfully inspirational photos? I can't keep track of what I love most about each one! I must say though I am gushing over the photo of the dark teal walls with all the photo frames!

  3. Gosh I can't keep up with all the cool stuff you post - these bedrooms are brill - my fave however: the eclectic electric blue walls, french iron bed and tons of pictures, clocks and cushions - swooon:)
    A xxx

  4. beautiful selection! Happy and creative new week to you, Jessie!


  5. Such an array to choose from - it would be interesting to hear how you do your research. But well done on yet another beautiful blog post. So inspiring!

  6. Love all the pictures you posted. I saved most of these in my inspiration file too. Jessie, can you post some dressing room/home office? I need some idea please! TY

  7. Jessie,
    You've outdone yourself - What an amazing collection of inspirational bedroom images!
    I'm drawn to the photos with plump, crisp white duvets. So many beautiful design schemes can be created around simple and elegant white bedding.
    Have a lovely Monday, Jessie!
    ~ Wendi ~ xo

  8. What a delicious collection!
    A post to come back to for endless inspiration!

  9. Sooooo many beautiful ones , but that one second from the last with the hot pink velvet chair is just gorgeous. Is it the balcony? I'm not a huge fan of wallpaper and yet this works in this room. You can tell the room is small, but cozy.

  10. I'm trying to decide what kind of headboard I want to go with, and there's some great inspiration here! :)

  11. That second photo with the zebra rug and blue lamps? LOVE. <3

  12. just saved multiple of these bedrooms in my inspiration beautiful!

  13. Half of these are not my taste, and yet I LOVE them all! Such great picks!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  14. Girl, you are prolific!

    Interesting how two of the rooms use the same bedding in such different ways.

    I must have that little green globe lamp in the picture of the bedroom with the three tiered table.


  15. ooooh, great collection of bedrooms! the one with the wood beams on the walls is my absolute fav!



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