Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cool industrial designer alert- Jonas Lönborg!

Featuring talented industrial designer, Jonas Lönborg- based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Graduating from The Danish Design School in 2008 with a masters in Industrial Design, he started a company named Hello Sailor where he worked on design projects in all different categories. His approach to design is pretty simple, it has to be either fun, provocative, thought-provoking or all of the above. Let's check out some of his amazing work below:


This gorgeous sculptural lamp is cut from 3mm birch plywood and consists of 273 individual parts, as well as some lamp bits.


Made with porcelain, silvered and gilded metal parts, these unique and edgy egg cups come in pairs that complement each other in their extremes.


This strikingly beautiful pendant lamp is made with neon acrylics, lamp bits and fabric cable.


This sexy and seductive pendant lamp is made with neon acrylics, lamp bits and fabric cable.

What do you think of Jonas's design? Do you have any favorites?

For more information regarding Jonas Lönborg's work, please visit

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  1. This post is great... i love quirky interior design... my faves are the revolver fan and the black pine cone.. so mod =)

    Now following!

  2. I was just thinking how the first images looked just like pinecones before I got as far as what they were called. I think they are a clever idea. The revolver made me chuckle would be perfect for my 11 year old sons room. How olds your little ones Jessie? xx

  3. I'll have one stiletto pendant please. Fantastic post!

  4. These are completely amazing!! I'm completely bowled over by the awesomeness of that revolver's just so laid back cool! And pretty bad a** at the same time (c:

  5. Love the lights !!


  6. Oh my goodness - I love that first lamp, so lovely! :-)

  7. I am really loving that pinecone looking chandelier. I wonder just how expensive it is.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting


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