Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beautifully chic living and dining room!

Christine Hanlon, Style at Home contributing design editor refreshes her living and dining rooms with a few sunny updates. Here are some of her fabulous tips:

Play with patina: The wall sconces, chandelier and coffee table all have warm golden tones that glow against the creamy white backdrop.

Inject color: All her core pieces are retained but new life were injected into the space with citrine. A laid-back aesthetic, fresh, sunny tones and Asian silhouettes give the classic framework refined, plush interest.

Make fabric flexible: Her choice of a modern geometric fabric on the sofa gives the piece a casual appeal, despite its traditional shape. The fabric looks like a solid neutral from afar allowing her the flexibility to easily update her cushions.

 Combine luxe and less: The treasured quartz cluster sculpture was a splurge while the vintage white planter was a secondhand purchase. 

Hit the books: Books and magazines look especially great stacked on a coffee table where they work as a foundation to showcase other objects.

Change up the classics: Before the updates, her dining room was home to classic elements such as the wood table, dresser and tall candlesticks. With the addition of newer elements such as the contemporary dining chairs, casual rug and modern picture frame, the space looks fresher and updated.

Use a light hand: Traditional chandelier that used to hang in the room was switched for a more delicate, chinoiserie-inspired one created a more dramatic impact. Other classic elements were changed out for some relaxed slipcovered armchairs and a crisp white tablescape.

Create connections: The same modern graphic fabric on the living room's sofa and armchairs on the front of the dining room's sidechairs are used to integrate the look between the living and dining rooms. They are in turn backed with the same delicate gray toile that graces the sofa's toss cushions. 


  1. Jessie Good Evening

    Another beautiful post. I particularly love this, probably for the patina as you state. It has a lived in, loved feel to the space and the mirrored wall (set diagonally) is a beautiful repeat of the pattern on the cushions and upholstery
    Wishing you joy

    Helen xx

  2. So fresh on this hot summer day!!

  3. jessie,this is a beautiful room or rooms. Love the color pallet and the patterns that have been use, so pretty,Kathysue

  4. Love white and green color combination! Gorgeous pictures! Following back:-)
    Ask Erena

  5. Love the bright lime colours

    Rianna xxx

  6. Some very wise wisdoms there. And the coffee table is fantastic.

    But if I see one more Juju hat above a mantelpiece I think I may scream....(just my personal flashpoint, but really, can't we think of something else to use???)

    Apart from that, the rooms are fresh and inviting. Especially love the bolt of zappy green.

  7. Thanks for checking out my guest post over at Aubrey's blog :-)

    This is such a lovely home. Love all the great patterns and the combination of textures. It would be so easy to change up the overall look whenever the mood hits just by switching in some cushions and aceesories in a different colour.

  8. Its amazing how pillows can add an element of fun and pull a concept together in a room. These are beautiful spaces!!

  9. gorgeous! I just love the flowers in the mason jars. everything looks so fresh and alive. The touch of yellow is such a sweet surprise.

  10. Great tips. I love that fabric on that sofa and the yellow hits of color are dynamic!

  11. Brilliant find as usual - love all the amazing spaces you show us Jessie - always a pleasure coming here:)

  12. Sooooo pretty! Thanks for your sweet comments today Jesse ;)

  13. Great tips there! Love the pictures. Beautiful spaces. thanks for sharing.

  14. I'm always looking for helpful hints (c: I'm so in love with the yellow and gray color palette and this one is done to perfection!

  15. I'm in the process of switching my living room color scheme to yellow & gray so I LOVE this post! It gave me lots of good ideas for patterns and accessories to use in the room. Thanks :)


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