Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tips for designing a chic and kid-friendly living space!

These beautiful spaces were designed by style maven and talented designer, Sarah Richardson. This living room in west end Toronto used to be cluttered with kid's toys and it feels unwelcoming and underused. Now, it is colorful, elegant, sophisticated and kid-friendly! Below are some of her tips:

#1. Include one of a kind art and don't have art for art's sake.

#2. Add vintage element for a mix and match look. 

#3. The size of a room determines the scale of the furniture. 

#4. Consider the kids when designing a room such a using washable fabrics, choose furniture with no sharp edges and provide plenty of storage for toys.

#5. Define an area with suitable furniture to maintain traffic flow.

#6. Use repetition such as a round pendant light and round mirrors seen in the living space to achieve cohesiveness and soften other square elements.


  1. I love Sarah Richardson, and have followed her career for many years. This room, however, is one I have never seen. I love her use of beautiful fabrics and unexpected elements. The dining room light in is this space is fabulous!
    Thanks for sharing, Jessie!

  2. I love the stairs how it is done with the transparant glass !

    have you seen my new post ?

  3. Love the tips ! And love the space !


  4. Thanks for sharing this space. Sarah Richardson is by far my favorite designer, but I'm not 100% loving this room. Maybe it's the retro vibe?

  5. wow I was gone for a week and your site has had a major face lift- it looks greatt!!

    all great designer tips. loving the chairs in the 4th photo!

  6. Beautiful dining area... love that stairway too!

  7. really great tips!! i'll remember these. <3


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